Monday, January 31, 2011

Dancers love poem

What if I told you I thought about you?
What if I told you I was scared?
What if I told you I dream about you?
What if I was completely un-prepared?

I never expected this and I am not sure I can.
The way your arms fit around me.
Makes me feel safe and you that man.
The way you look into my eyes, and
fixate through my being. It makes me
crazy to think you know what I am

When our lips met and the feelings rushed through me
I swear you could feel it too.
The room stopped moving and the world stood still,
Giving us our moment to be free and just us two.

I wanted to stop there and enjoy it, not changing a thing.
I couldn't believe what was happening, then reality stepped in.
That old familiar feeling of fear swept through me.
Not knowing what to do or what to say,
I just kept going and you did the same.

You were kind and slow, every chance we had.
The kisses got deeper and more intense.
Your arms tighter and direct.
You knew when to let go and you knew when to grab.
And we danced the night away, together, harmoniously.

Later intertwined together, loosing ourselves to time,
Loosing ourselves to each other.
I had the feeling of you being mine,
And instant of want and bliss.
I didn't know I would miss.

Now I'm torn, scared and lost.
I'm confused and trembling.
One word, one phrase would save me.
I would hear those words at any cost.
Should I stay and dream, or should I just hold our dance in memory.

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