Monday, January 31, 2011

Confusion and complication

Nightmares text
So after about the fourth night of having my nightmares I am officially done. Not that I can tell myself, "Hey you, stop having nightmares!" well maybe I could. After having such an enormous amazing birthday month, I don't understand why my anxiety attacks are coming full force now for the past week, which in turn are what cause my nightmares. 
I know that last week something I did, I cant stop thinking about. To the point of making my head spin. Well actually there is a lot going in my life at the moment making my head spin. Its quite scary to think that for the most part I am enjoying everything that is going on. On some positive notes, my writing is flowing more, I can't stop typing, I am killing photoshop, and getting things settled and straight. Blah blah blah!!
So why the hell am I still waking up in the middle of the night screaming or crying? I know that I should pay attention to what they are, for it usually means something that I should pay attention to. Now I dont know about you but when I have nightmares and wake up screaming the last thing on my mind is a pen and paper to write down what I remember from it. 
So I need to sit back and organize my thoughts, actions, wants, needs. Not necessarily in that order. I figure that if I do this at the beginning of each month I can stay on top of the things that I need to stay on top of. 

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