Monday, August 1, 2011

Man oh Man

I wonder, how all these people seem to coexist within eachother. Couples, friends, enemies, mothers fathers you get the picture. But if you think about it one small thing gone wrong and everyone will turn on eachother just like that. 
I wonder, if it is ok to begin again. To start over with my life and accept who am I really. Not try to hide the things I like or do just becuase some people see me as something else. 
I wonder, When is a good time to let someone in again. I am so scared to have what happen to me again I feel as if I am more comfortable being a lone rather than get hurt. Cliche huh? 
I wonder, when a job will answer one of my resumes that I sent out so I can get more income to get more ridiculous stuff I dont really need and go on trips that people will say they are jealous of. 
I wonder, when those who have hurt me and betrayed my trust and love will see the cold hard slap of Karma,
I wonder I wonder I wonder I wonder
Life's little lessons have always amused me until they gave me the harsh realization of being spank in the ass every once in a while.