Monday, December 20, 2010

Dracula's lover

Sketches from writing book 22Image via WikipediaTime doesn't stop love and time most certainly doesn't stop desires. it just hinders and enables our procrastination of doing what we really want to do. We ignore time, we harbor it. I have only come to this assumption recently because its what I have been doing. I have been waisting time, either by being in certain relationships, anxiety, laziness and all sorts of other prohibiting occurrences. I keep saying I am going to do things and I never pull through. I need to stop this. The biggest one is writing.  I started this blog to practice writing, I have always had a journal. I need to stop allowing things to come in the way of what I want. I have left my notes open on my laptop so that every time I sit at my computer it stares me in the face. Surprisingly it has been working. So today I decided that I will devote allotted times for everything that needs to get done. Starting the morning off with blogging and laundry, followed by book writing and organizing, then I will look for some part time positions, read, art work.....etc. Also handling my things and appointments outside of the electronic world. So i bet you are wondering about the tittle. Well I recently (and finally) watched Bram strokers Dracula, love it! True love and time and all the things that go along with what I am dealing with at the moment. At this moment as it is with all moments.
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