Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dear Prudence

"Dear Prudence wont you come out to play." I can't believe that it has almost been a whole year. I can't believe of where I am and how things have gone so far in my life. I have grown so much. Yes, I still am the biggest kid in the toy store, and yes I still am a big dork. The things that I have grown in
Dear PrudenceImage via Wikipedia are the thoughts that I can now progress. I will keep my promises to myself and have been doing well so far. I start in small goals. "Becca, this month's goal is moving." Check! "Becca, This month's goal is to volunteer at a pet shelter." Check! "Becca, This month's goal is to get clients for the business." Check! (well this one is and will always be an ongoing goal) So I have been doing well with my goals and transitions. It may not be significant to those of you who lay out bigger goals. I like starting small and working my way up. It gives me more satisfaction. Now I didn't do this stuff all on my own. I had help from some amazing people. It is great knowing that at 26 I have such amazing friends that any one can ask for, A family that yes, at times can be a bit like th Osbourne's, but will always will be there and a whole fantastic future full of promise for two young women who are starting a company. I am smiling again, laughing again, and showing my heart again. I feel alive again. It is so nice finally to be out of the funk and shell that I was hiding under. I was tired of hiding who I was to please others. Now yes as I have stated before I will have some bad days here and there, but I have hope and positive thoughts in my mind.
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