Sunday, February 21, 2010

The trip so far has been great! We left GA where it was freezing, as in the picture above. To absolutely the most beautiful weather ever. We got here Friday night around 11-45-12am, both extremely tired yet somehow stayed up and walked around till around 4am. I think the both of us were very excited. I think I really was the one who showed it, I was bouncing around and jumping up and down like a little kid. We both passed out to tried to even watch T.v.

So I woke up in the morning at 7:30am so excited to be in Miami and couldn't sleep. I finally got the boy up around 9:am to start getting ready, lord knows he takes forever! We decided to hang out and have Mimosas together and just enjoy the company. We finally left the room so that I could go explore and take pictures,this hotel is something for a Tim Burton film, ( I love it) and we found a little tea party Garden. We went down to the deck/pool area to have lunch and sit in the sun, the weather is so nice right now I didn't even ask to sit under an umbrella. Very unusual for me.

We hung out in the coolest little area, drinking Strawberry Daqs', my personal favorite. Then I ran upstairs to put my bathing suit on and jumped in the pool. He  really is amazing, my very handsome man. We are like the younger version of my parents. It must be the Jewish thing. I sat there laying out like a princess as he got me drinks and talked to me. As well as take pictures and do most anything I asked of him. Now you may think what a bitch, but I always ask things politely and I also do a lot for him when he asks of me. I told my mom how much we care for each other even though it has only been a few months. He takes great care of me. Last night we went to South Beach, he took me to an amazing Italian place and wee just walked around holding hands and being the cutesy couple.
Today we are going to Coconut Grove to see my Aunt D and Uncle Chris, then do some more shopping!!! God I miss it down here, we keep talking about buying a boat and just traveling around in it. Now I have to get his butt in gear so we can make it to lunch on time!

Have a great day guys!

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