Sunday, February 28, 2010

Miami Time

So the trip to Miami went amazingly! I had so much fun. The hotel, The Mondrian, was something out of a Tim Burton movie, which was right up my alley. From the furniture to the colors, to the tea party garden out side. It was on Bayside so we got an excellent view. We went to the pool, South Beach, Vizcaya, Fort Lauderdale, and some other really fun places. I got to see my friends and family and show the boy around my home stomping grounds. We got there around midnight on Friday so there wasn't very much we could do. Even though he slept most of the way, we were both very, very tired. So after I changed about fifty times we finally walked out the door.  The hotel was hopping the bars had music blasting and the outside pool area was all light with candles and soft glow chandeliers. There was one piece outside that I absolutely loved, it was a giant lamp that had a fabric in it, the lamps that were inside the fabric were set at a soft glow. It was so pretty. We walked around the hotel and then finally headed up to the room to go to bed.

The following day I got up so excited to be in Miami that I was practically running around the room and jumping on the bed. It was another beautiful day in southern Florida. We went down to brunch by the pool and sat by the pool for a while. We had some Daqs' and met up with Aunt D, headed up to the room to change and head out to South Beach. It was so nice outside. I couldn't believe it. Lincoln Road was as always so much fun, seeing the Anorexic tan girls, to all the different types of dogs. The real stores that lined the restaurant filled streets. After a few hours of walking around we started back to the hotel. It was a very long walk back. We took a long nap and started getting ready for dinner. Stephen took me to an Italian place called Sibilla, which was a great find. The food was absolutely delicious. That was a pretty early night, the boy fell asleep as soon as we got back and I just sat up and played on my little laptop. Listening to the music and enjoying the along time or as my parents would call it..."my space".  The next day we went down to the Grove to visit my Aunt and Uncle, yes family friends, we had lunch in the Grove at a great place, Georges, who
happened to be their neighbor so of course it was a giant party, We walked in and was instantly given a bottle of Champagne, and the best seat in the place. It was so nice because Stephen had never been down there so he got to see everything that was going on. He was a big hit at lunch and my family loved him. After lunch we said our good byes and walked around Coconut Grove. I was very excited because this was also the night I was going to get to see my friends in Fort Lauderdale. We had tons of time so we went to Vizcaya. I loved it there. We walked all around the place and had a a blast laughing and playing around. The gardens were absolutely amazing. The whole time we were there they had girls doing their Quinceañera photos and I had to explain to him what that was. Then he just kept making jokes about it which was even better. After Vizcaya we went back to the hotel to get ready for Fort Lauderdale. Meeting and seeing my friends was so much fun. I miss them terribly and we all had a great time. We played pool and hung out at the beach. It was so much fun. The next day was the last. We drove down to say goodbye to the Jesters and then headed off to see my dad about 5 hours up. All in all the trip was so much fun. I can't wait till we go to New Orleans. 
Scary Truck we saw in Fl


Really big fountain

Climbing the Fountain 


The Crew 

The Miami Family 

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