Thursday, February 18, 2010

This is why I'm not

Yes, I am that unique individual that likes to do crazy things on a whim. I am the girl that will do almost anything on a dare. I have also realized that I am very happy with myself, my life and the way things are going right now. I know that things can't always be the happy Brady bunch life but for the most part things have been really good for me. I know most people may look at my life as the girl with the silver spoon but just because things have been easy for me financially most of my life does not mean that I have not gone through trials or hurdles. I think we all have gone through things that have made us better and/or worse. I still think that there will be more hurdles in my time and I know that I can always fall back on friends and family.
So yesterday after I did my awesome workout of 300 crunches I was excited that I was finally going to get back into my Belly dancing with Askia. I love my dance sessions, its a great way to express yourself.
 Pj and I practicing Hip Hop
  Practicing my belly dancing   Me doing one of my belly dancing moves
Lets do the fork down the garbage disposal  At my friends' wedding

Even if you can't dance just get up and move and you will be in such a good mood, how can you not be? I have always loved to dance. So my next goal will be to get myself back to the studio and back in to my dance classes. I miss it.
So now that I have procrastinated packing, cleaning, eating and writing I will end this post with my hopes for the next month. I think my challenge for next month will be learning how to cook......don't laugh mom!
So tomorrow we leave for Miami!!!
Good night and big hugs. ;~*

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