Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bridget Jones and butt flexes

Yeah I made it through a session with extreme energy and I accomplished 300 crunches!!!! Can you believe it? Me = 300. Man I am getting so proud of myself. Now I am sitting waiting for the boy to get ready and get going while I watch one of my favorite movies, Bridget Jones Diary. This movie is one of those that I relate to so well. The klutzy woman that thinks she is awful only to find out that she is loved by all her friends and a wonderful guy. Wink wink!
As my mother awesomely puts it, " You have to kiss a lot of frogs to get a prince, even some gay ones." So I am taking this advice and putting it to good use.
my favorite place to be
For example, above!
I love him and for the first time I feel comfortable talking about it, although I still feel as if I might jinx it if I say to much so I will move on from this picture. :-p Show off some more that I have laying around.
there is something wrong here haha
When you have good friends you have a good life.
my kick ass parents
These are my kick ass parents, I really do have the coolest parents ever. Even though we have had some bumpy parts we always stick together....3 amigos!

the bass ;)
My mom's Bass- Mustang! One day a blog will be dedicated to learning this and the Guitar.

Okay He is finally ready, I most likely will be writing again soon. Love and hugs.


  1. Hi - just stumbled upon your blog - you're a great writer!

  2. Thanks so much! Hope you return. :-)