Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Being-getting fit is a b*tch

Wow I was supposed to write yesterday and totally left the tab open. I did actually have a very good session yesterday. I was energized and could do a lot more than before!! Which was great in a sense but then we also did much harder workouts. I am so so so sore today! Putting on my jeans this morning was an effort. As I laughed at myself  I also was noticing that in already four sessions of this guy I am already seeing a definition to my body. Weird, but yes my tummy has a circular line going around it. It's not a giant  difference but I really see something. This makes me happy a little bit, although I still am wishing for those magical workout faeries to come save me. :-)
I had a great night last night. I went to visit my friends Matt and Steph, whom I haven't seen in forever! Well only about 2 or 3 months but we used to see each other every week. It was great, Steph made the most awesome little appetizers, we hung out had some wine and watched the Olympics and Family guy. So I have figure skating, snowboarding and Stewie singing in my head. Though I have to admit that every time I watch Family Guy I am coming to the conclusion that he is my future son. haha
So as it was getting later and later I just wanted to see the one couple from China skate, and of course they were amazing! It wasn't all fun and games, Steph and I sat for a bit and talked about things that we expect of ourselves and how we feel about where we are in our lives. We both have different and same talents and we are going to combine them and start an organizing team. Which will be great for the both of us. Also we are going to make a girls trip to Vegas!!! So around 11:45pm I finally walked out of their apartment and headed to go pick up the boy and head home. Got home and found out I was a little tipsy and was wildly dancing around my apartment telling him about my night. We ended up plugging in our phones into the wonderful little boom box my brother gave me and went to bed.
On to another day!

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