Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dear unknown

So after my rant the other day I recieved this comment:
It seems like this job will help you break away from the rut that you are in. Life is usually filled with tests and difficult times that one must endure. During these difficult times, one realizes that a change is needed in order to improve some aspects of one's life. Regardless of how insignificant this job might be for some people, for you this is the chance of breaking away from being dependent on people in general as you will work for yourself, meet new people, face problems at work that will help you build character. People around you are starting to build their lives such as your ex, and best friend. In case you have not realized it, this is the opportunity that could bring you closer to reality and leave the past behind. People learn from the past, but you have to stop living in it and give yourself more credit than you do. Improve yourself but only for you, stop dreaming that a guy in a horse is going to come and rescue you! Something that I would recommend is to do things by yourself that you have never done before. This is the time to confront your fears no matter how small they are!!
I just wanted to say, first...Thank you, second yes I agree and again this comment was at the right time. I needed a little guidance from someone unknown I suppose. It is always good to know that there are others out there that deal with the same things or understand that we all go through tough times, bad days, horrible outfits, mistakes...you get the picture. I went through with what needed and ended up coming up the other end with a new found perspective. I talked to my friend, delt with my ex (not in a bad way) and took the job. As I am nervous for what lies ahead I will not quit! Yes, I don't think that a knight will come rescue me for I know that I need to rescue myself. yet, It still doesn't hurt to dream that Jack Sparrow will arive outside my door to take me on the Black Pearl. haha
Thanks again

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