Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Alice always makes me feel better

Maybe I had a bad moment yesterday. I know I should waste my time on sill boys that have no interest in stepping up to the plate. Ah well, all I can say is things will get better, life will get brighter. I am going down to my old stomping grounds for about a week with the bestie. I am so exited, South Florida always makes me feel better. Being by the beach, seeing friends, having some girl time, it will all be what I need. We will always be working on the dance routines and schedules, the sales gig, the band plan, and I will be doing some work on the 2BB company that I am doing with Steph. So It will be exactly what I need as well as productive. I had a great photo shoot yesterday and with that, logo, and newsletter I will be on the computer and photoshop for a while today. I guess I can safely say that I am truly happy with minor mishaps of sadness that may poke in and out for minimal amounts of time. So what do I watch on a day like this and a mood like this? Alice in Wonderland....female power! hehe
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