Friday, February 25, 2011

What I wouldn't do

So in seven days Askia and I are heading down to my stomping grounds. I can't wait, I can't wait to feel the sand on my feet and water on my toes. The warm sun and good times that will be had. Started working for Alliance and I am so happy, as sad as it may sound to some, I have been wanting to work for my father for the longest time. Maybe its the "Jewish" girl in me, because for some reason the mass majority of daughters work for their fathers. It's small but its something that is very important to me. I also have several other things in the works. They are getting closer and closer to becoming a reality and some will be as soon as I get back from the FL. I wonder if we all go through things like this, finding ourselves, some of us taking longer than others, yet still finding out what we really want and what really makes us happy. Yes, sometimes I still get sad, sometimes I cry, I mean hell I never thought I would be here. I thought that I was going to be married and on my way to wifedom...real glad I am not, but still it wasn't the fact that I ended things, and by no means do I want him back. It is more of the fact that none of these things would have happened to me. Or maybe they would have but much later in my life. I am happy, and I think that it is the time of my life to where I realize what I want and need out of my life and myself. The difference btwn want and need.
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