Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the Idea of a soul mate

Its funny to think of how things change, progress, develop. Take for example the fact that I was going to get married, me...yes as much as I want to find that someone that compliments me woop woop, I also came to the acceptance that I might not get married. I really didn't expect a man to "get" me. I was a bit out of sorts yesterday because it marked the one month point. Then as if by awesome powers at be, the bestest friend called. We had decided the day before that we would be each others V day dates. So we decided to go all dressed up to a diner, have a ridiculous meal for two, drink and celebrate our lives and this new year. Our year! Now back to the soul make comment. I believe that we all have soul mates, yes I really do and not just one. My cat for example, call me crazy but this little bugger is one of them, he is like my Spirit guide of sorts. Then there is the best friend. When I met Askia we both knew right away that we had met our friend match and that we would be friends for a very long time. I have come to realize this past year how much it really means. At first we did some sessions and this girl got things out of me that I had buried deep within, she got me to open up and be myself with no regrets, no hatred towards myself. At times yes I might need to tighten the reigns on myself for the shear fact that I can be a bit overpowering. So last night we talked about things of past and things of future. We find it a bit ironic that the both of us were in serious relationships and at the same time found out how ridiculous these men were and that we weren't happy. We both helped each other through the break ups and through the "I want to kill myself with the....death by sugar approach!" but in the end we both made it out just fine.
Now the two of us have decided to accomplish our bucket list together. We want the so many of the same things out of life and we both have finally found someone to share it with..and who will also push us to do them.
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