Thursday, September 30, 2010

Promises and other things of the day

      I am really tired of broken promises people make to me. Its a bit sad but I really get quite annoyed and a bit heart broken when someone gets my hopes up for something and drops the "I'm sorry" bomb. This past year I ave been promised a lot of things only to be left waiting and feeling small. I finally came to a point where if someone says the word promise, I simply say, "Don't tell me that." Its a bit cynical and a bit bitchy but after hearing it to many times it becomes just a word. A word with no meaning. With the more sad talk out of the way, things were actually really great today. I went to Atlanta Pet Rescue this morning to help out for a couple hours. I love being there. Its so nice to help animals that need love, help and their spirits lifted. There is one dog that I absolutely love. Sage! She is the sweetest thing ever. (Picture on right) I really want this dog to have a good hoe. Hopefully with me, haha! I would love that. I got to be with the dogs today which was a first. I really really enjoyed it! I gave two a bath, walked two, cleaned some cat cages, played with cats and then got to play with the dogs!!! I had so much fun. Not only did it lift the animals' spirits' but it also lifted mine. I go back tomorrow morning to help out some more. I got an email from the apartment complex saying that I might get the place early!!!! That would be fantastic! I can't wait. I have so many things to decorate this place. I get to start from scratch! I am so happy! So moral of this blog......Take the bad and good. Things turn out the way they are supposed to. 
Have a great day!
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