Monday, July 26, 2010

Lessons in relationships

The past few days have been some of the most important days and moment of my life. I had some pre wedding jitters I guess you could call them. I want things to go more my way thinking that if I pressure and control that they will all work out. But case is no. We have to learn how to compromise, sacrifice, love, forgive and move forward. We BOTH need to sacrifice and right now I have to make the decision to sacrifice things just as much as him. The same goes for him.   I thought that we ended things today, I thought that I was losing the man I love so much that bullets would not stop me from loving him. I was staying at my best friend's house the past few days and had done some serious soul searching. I started today with being single again to fighting for the very thing that I was running from fear, love, and stubbornness. Now I am not saying that he doesn't have to do the same, but if it means that I have to give up certain things, or do certain things to save this marriage I will. On one condition..... he has to sacrifice, change and do things that he didn't think he could do. he has to help me save this as well! 

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