Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Orleans!!!! Wow

Wow New Orleans. It was everything I hoped it could be and so much more. I fell in love with the city the second we got there. One whole week to enjoy what it had in store for us. It was also nice to just be the four of us. We set up the motor coach, had some mimosas and then headed out for the first day of touring. On the way to the French Quarter we stopped by the first cemetery that we saw.  It is amazing how much the put into these things. Well not the up keep but the architecture. The picture to the right is one of the longest tomb walls in New Orleans. We kept joking around saying it was the condo tombs. We headed down to the French Quarter to scope things out.

My mother and I decided to buy cheap and  tacky things from one of the street stores and paraded our selves around. It was really funny and not to mention we probably were the extreme version of the the word tourist. Walking down the street is something I never would have expected. The bars, music, people and entire ambiance of the atmosphere was unbelievable. I found my new favorite drink, which you will see in most of my pictures. Hand Grenades!!! They were the most amazing drink ever and very very strong. After about half of the drink you already start to get a little tipsy and wobbly. I had two my first day. We decided to get food at the House of Blues and then make our way to Bourbon street to find a jazz bar. We found the cutest little bar that had a live jazz band called, Jumbo Shrimp Jazz Band. They were 
fantastic! I danced and sang. It was so nice to be comfortable and actually enjoy myself. I also got to see a side of Stephan that I rarely get to see. I also saw how much he loved me on this trip. I never really understood till I saw some of the pictures and actually  looked at his face and us together.  He is the most amazing person I have ever met and I love him very very much. I am glad that he got to visit his home and be in his element. It was great to see him relax and be himself. 
After the bar we headed back to the motor coach and sat backed and relaxed. It was so nice out that we opened the windows and watched part of a movie then we all parted ways to our places and fell asleep. The next day I woke up to horrible allergies and a bit of grumpiness because of it. We met up with one of my parents friends for lunch then we went out and about again. The next day we watched a parade and saw some more sights. Saw where Stephan used to live before he moved, saw St. Charles street and then headed back so we could get ready for dinner. My parent's friend Don took us to the Coast Guard tower first which was on the 30th floor facing the Mississippi. Then we went on a dinner cruise got to meet the captain and see some of the most beautiful parts of the city. It was so neat to think that people did this on a daily basis a couple hundred years ago. The following day I got to go see Oak Alley. Oak Alley is one of the most used houses in New Orleans that has been in movies. For instance, Interview with a Vampire. For which is why I wanted to see this house. Then it turned out that there was so much more to like about the house. This was the door that Brad Pitt walked out of when he carried his servant out. This is a view of the Oak Alley in the front.  It was absolutely stunning.

The trip was absolutely loved this city and can not wait to go back. Stephan had his birthday there and we celebrated St. Patty's while we were there. I also got to spend time with both my parents and the man that I love. I leave you with some pictures as I have to get ready to make it to my brothers birthday dinner. 

Stephan's Birthday dinner playing Lady and the Tramp

the biggest beer ever haha

My first Crawfish dinner

Yes I did the whole head thing


He loves me
And I love him!!!

Of course 

Like Father Like Daughter 

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