Thursday, March 4, 2010

New month Spring Cleaning

Where does the time go. I always feel as if I just watch it go by as I saw, " hello time, nice to have seen you." I have done a lot for someone my age and yet I still want to do more. The other day I decided to to go through room by room and get rid of, sell, organize, and store things that were in this place. It amazes me how much of a pack rat I really am. If  I don't stop soon I will be that lady in the Labrynth......
The problem is I really want my important stuff to be saved so that I can look back or give it to my kids. I think everything is important, which is another problem. So I made piles, Throw away, Give away, Storage and sell. It worked out perfect I got 3 rooms done. I was happy. I got a ton done and felt that I had accomplished what I wanted. Now all that is left is the kitchen and the Bathroom!  :-)
I had one of my "Becca" tantrums last night. I felt bad that I got some mad over nothing. I just get scared sometimes that this might be it and I don't want to lose that feeling. Why I block myself off from him beats the hell out of me. He wants us to live together. I want to aswell, but how to I let myself want this. We both agree that we pretty much do that any way, but actually getting a place together is a jump towards more serious. He said that he will take care of pretty much everything including helping my father. The only problem he wants to do it in May yet my lease is up in Oct. hmmmmm! He actually told me that he wants to do everything to be with me and that he wants to be with me for the rest of his life. ::Blush::Melt::Blush::
Today was a really great and somewhat productive day. To start off I got up did laundry, put it away, and then started to organize the crap on my desktop. I actually forgot how nice it was to work at a desk for most of the things I did on a computer. The boy did his normal morning activities and I had my time which worked out perfect. As we were arranging things for this evening he started playing around with my Wall-E toy and made me laugh  really hard. he just kept going and going, " Listen Wall-e I am tired of you hitting on my girl...etc" I love that he makes me laugh, it is one of my favortie things about him, he isn't afraid to play around with me and be silly once in a while.
This evening was Steph's and mine first initial meeting. It went great! Now I sound like Tony the tigger. haha I really think that this will take off. We both have a balance btwn creative and bussiness so it will be a good mix for what we want to do. I know have things to work on and deadlines to meet. So I am making March's thing to do..........Working on the logos, bios, flyers etc. for our future bussiness. By March 31st I will have it all done.
I also got my pictures from the photoshoot that I did a few weeks ago as well as finding older pictures from when I was 19-21. I leave you with that.
Piedmont Park 

Secret Garden 

Being a kid 

No Genie 

Maybe if I'm nice

hmmm not working 

Cowgirl wanna be 

My wacky Jaci 

Duky and Bunny 

Happy Birthday Mr. President 

Can't see me 

I miss that coat 

Classic Becca Pose 

When I first moved back to GA 

I love my Jo Jo 

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