Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh god...the pain and glory

Writing the summary of about three days. I might just have to kick myself in the butt to keep on track here. I went for my second session yesterday. At first the trainer, whom I have yet to remember his name...eek, called me at 8am to see if I wanted to switch times of my half hour. If any one will guess I am not a happy person in the morning, and doing a rigorous exercise did not sound fun. So I decided to keep my time slot and went back to bed for about an hour. I did my usual morning routine and waited for my afternoon butt kicking.
He got there right on time, this time I chickened out just a little. I was so sore that I practically begged for mercy. he went a little easier on me, instead of a hundred something crunches we did a hundred, and a ton of leg work. Now I know I keep complaining about these sessions, but I also know that it will also be very rewarding. The session went on as I huffed and puffed through it. 40 minutes later I was able to get to my place without feeling as if I was going to die. I actually felt good. I quickly got ready, ate some lunch then headed off to the therapist.
When I got back from her I had to hop in the shower to get ready for Mama Mia! I was so excited that I was rushing around my place trying every outfit I could on. My friend Valerie stopped by to help me out as Stephen was being the sweetest guy ever. I swear I could probably run around in an actual chicken costume and he would still say I was beautiful. He is so amazing. Anyway we met my parents and went to dinner. The dinner was at one of those minimalist food places and was not very impressive. As we headed to the Fox, freezing our butts off I was so happy. We got in the doors and mom took me to the booth and bought me the coolest outfit ever! And I am happy to say, yes I have been wearing it all day. The show was amazing! I loved it. Had a few boo hoo moments then towards the end Stephen felt sick. My poor baby got food poisoning and is no sick as a dog. I feel so bad because I don't know what to do. I finally got the poor guy asleep. Still flat on his back past out he is still charming. I love this guy even when he is sick.
So tomorrow will complete week one of the personal training then tomorrow night is girls night in!!! Night and sweet dreams everyone!

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