Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy V-Day

Friday's update!
So after the trainer had a bit of a hangup in my crazy garage extravaganza he came up to the gym and we started the usual way. He also let me know that we will be working up to one hour and 15-30 minutes. WHAT!?! Is he crazy? Although I will admit I am hoping that this will make my body a little more tone but I am hopping that magic workout faeries will come down and ::poof:: all done. Yet, I am back again to reality and yes I know I have to actually stick by this one. Although I fear that every "next day" after each workout I am so so sore. It is ridiculous. So we did a 45 minute workout because I just could not do any more. I felt awful and hated giving up but 45 minutes! So I came back upstairs to check on my poor food poisoned boyfriend and just curled up next to him for a bit. We watched a couple of movies and then I started to get ready for my girls night in slumber party.
Arrive Slumber party 7:00
Started drinking by 7:30 and drunk by 9. The 8 of us all hanging out telling stories and having a blast! I love my girls and the fun we have together. We started out just hanging out telling stories and then it got into the games....lots of drinking games haha. Around 1am Askia, Val and I decide to go play in the snow. Pictures soon to follow, I promise. I had a blast!!!
The next day a little hungover we cooked brunch watched Closer and then we all departed ways. As always I came home to the smiling face that I love seeing. As he listened to all my girlish adventures and some depressing interesting stories about exes. We hung out till it was time to meet friends at Ri Ra pub for another night of outings.
So here we are today on the cheesy-est of all holidays sitting in our usual positions, me with the laptop and him in his space. I am so happy with him. I love him.
I hope all have a wonderful day and much love even if you don't have someone to cuddle with.

Have a wonderful day and night!

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