Thursday, June 16, 2011

the stress bucket of fun

Cutest of the cuteImage by Eyesplash via FlickrWow, I havent been on here in a hot miniute. I semi miss my blog of nonsense. Since I started this new job I have been super busy with studying and preparing to go out in the field that my mind has started frying. not only is my art being put on hold for a moment but I think my cat might bite my jugular in my sleep. haha Its still nice to have something to come home to. More and more I see how my life is changing...not in a bad way actually in a very good way. I am so happy that the Mother is guiding me into a world anew and giving me challenges. Now don't get me wrong I am a little freaked out at the moment hoping that I dont screw anything up, but I am still driving home smiling and proud of myself everyday for not quiting. I just keep saying to can do got know that you wil succeed. Tomorrow is my video presentation and this weekend I will do some of my partaking observations, then doing my presentations in front of my trainer then I am out in the feild. Good gracious. Again..I got this I got this.
I also am noticing that the fact that the guy I thought was perfect was just another ass that I need not to deal with. Do I still have feelings for him? Of course I really wanted to be with this guy, but I am realizing that I can do better and I will wait for someone that deserves me. Anywho I will leave off with this:
Don't be with a person if you pine for someone else. Don't say you love someone and lust after another. Speak the truth and be happy, things happen for a reason but fate can only bring you so far, once you get there it is up to you to push for your destiny.
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