Saturday, May 14, 2011

All of the lights all of the lights

So today as I was doing my summer cleaning I went through some of my old Journals, wow! I really mean wow! The path that I have walked on, the things that I have learned is amazing, and Im still growing, learning, living. I have had fun, and I probably will be kicking my own ass by admitting that I want something more than what is happening. Adventure, career, love, family, success, etc. I know that being an Aquarius I try to rush things, try to make things happen before they are ready. I hate being patiant sometimes. I feel as if I am being so lazy, or that others view me as being lazy when I really am not. I mean dont get me wrong, there are days that I have occasional lazy days but trust me when I say I feel lazy and do something to make my day productive. Although sometimes people don't believe me.
So in other news I have now inherited what is called Hysterical Sympathetic Pregnancy. Nothing major, something very common. I meant when I said that I wanted to be extremely supportive to one of my best friends but this is something quite comical. I actually gain a bra size, I mean these buggers haven't been this big since highschool. :-) Not that I am complaining mind you but I also get the other minor details. Oh well as long as I can be supportive right? haha
Life is funny

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