Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Life can play out funny and unexpected sometimes. We never know what will be handed to us or what will come up. sometimes it is something that is taken away without warning. Lately I have been trying to figure out why I have been handed the cards of blah. Things are going so well minus the dating department. So some jerk broke my heart, stole my money and cheated on me. Then I cool it for a while and meet yet another amazing person and begin to show feelings towards him. Things were going well and then without warning he disappeared into oblivion and now avoids me like the plauge. Ok. Then I start meeting these guys (not a lot) and going on dates only to find out that I must have personal escort written on my forhead. No!! Just because I am saying yes to going on a date with you does not mean that I will hop in the sack. Left and right I am just getting more and more disappointed in the the men around here. While my friends just get luckier and luckier. not that I mind, I am very happy that my friends keep getting great things in their lives. Babies, weddings, engagements, boyfriends...etc. I am becoming more and more the third, sometimes fifth wheel. I go through these stages of acceptance...well Im happy being single...then it will be well I feel kinda lonely today. Back and forth like a bloody tennis match. for example I had a date with a guy today, he asked em to go to lunch with him at a pretty nice restaruant and right before I was about to leave he asked what I was doing afterwards. I told him I had to get back to get some work done. He then told me he want to "hang out" with me after wards and again I told him I couldn't. Now we didnt even get to lunch yet and this guy just assumes that we would hit it off enough to continue the date. When I told him I couldnt he then sent me a text..a text! telling me that he is going to have to pass on lunch. rEally? because I wont sleep with you on the first date you wont even take me on a first date. looser! But still after having something happen like this and then hearing stories of how wonderful my friends dates, boyfriends etc are I just get a little upset. understandably so. Still I can not loose hope or faith right?
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