Sunday, March 6, 2011

That's What I'm Talking Bout

Leaving yesterday around 10am I would have never guessed we would make such good time. Maybe it is because the entire way we were being goofs and I didn't notice the drive at all. Not that I have ever really minded the drive, I use to do that every 3 months when I lived down here. It's amazing to feel and know that you are about to get at a certain point in the trip. I get it around West Palm, I know that in 45 minutes I am about to be in one of the places I love. Witness Video A: No I am not a professional and these acts are strictly for entertainment purposes.
After we pulled in and I showed Askia the place and how "far" the beach really is from my parents place. We started to unload the car and move into our temporary abode. It is so funny to look around and notice that you are that girl guys joke about. We put things in the dresser, hung stuff in the closet, and the bathroom has a makeup section, but the best part is.......we didn't have enough space to put our shoes so we lined them up along the hall way. Not to worry parents O' mine we will clean up after ourselves. 
The Shoe Hall is a hall of amazing girly pleasures, minus the old spice guy on TV, haha! 

We're Here Toast! 

First Night in Dinner of Champs

This is what she wore for our walk on the beach. 

Never bring glass on the beach


This is what the beach does to my hair

After beach shenanigans we decided to dress up and practice our dance moves and I think I also have found a new addiction of dance accessories. I also did a little tap dance for Askia. Now we are hanging out in the living room, waking up, and getting ready. It is supposed to rain today so I think we will just work on our stuff and bond some more. haha 

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