Thursday, March 10, 2011

More South Florida

I love being down here, the atmosphere, weather, refreshing sense of being when I sit by the ocean. It is like the park is back in Atlanta. I instantly feel better and more aware of things. It is like coming down here made something snap in me. Asking myself why I am doing certain things, figuring things out and making decisions about moving forward in a positive direction. 
 Every morning we wake up at 6, put on some clothes and watch the sunrise on the beach. Followed by a walk to the rocks by the port. Each day I am getting a little more confident with my climbing skills and have successfully made it to the top of the pile now. Tomorrow the walk will be followed by a Tai Chi Session. I am really liking it and I look forward to finding classes when I get back. 
Another good thing being down here I have seen so many small shops around I have more motivation and confidence to start this thing with Steph. I also have had time to get away and find out it is something that I really want. I wanted it before but it was more of a back burner plan, not saying I wasn't going to do it, I just was clouded by other things that were on my mind. Being upset, discourage, self loathing, ashamed, are all contributors to the procrastination. 
Being down here and seeing that the mass majority of people have similar youthful personalities, that it's okay to talk about Autobots and Ninja Turtles.....its a great topic of conversation here, as well as just being a goof. Now there is some that would find our goofiness a bit ridiculous but it doesn't really matter. People here seem so young and alive, now I see why my parents lived down here for so long. It's not just the parties, bars and events going on, it's just this place, there is something about it. I do really miss it down here. 
Okay, giant Marshmallows kick butt
Fish bowl madness
Not exactly know what I was doing with his shirt
Finding these things makes me rap like Left eye
All good fun and up at 6 am again 

The Jew Fro!! 

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