Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter walk

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I decided to go to the High today. After making it there I realized they weren't open yet. Discouraged but not wanting to go home, I started to walk through the area. I made it to the little park I love and took in the beauty surrounding me. It's amazing how the ice glistening on top of snow in the sun. It was bright and vibrant. Of course I was listening to the perfect music for the occasion and my mind drifted towards thoughts and day dreams.
I'm happy where I am and who I am. Its funny how just a year ago I was so unsure of myself, fighting my heart. I realize now that it is okay to love to love. It is okay to be silly and even at 26- soon to be 27 I still enjoy things of childish nature. Along this walk I came to the playground and headed straight to the swing set. Yes, I still am happy about playgrounds.

It is also getting closer and closer to my birthday. Wondering what is to become of yet another year. I am very positive that this is my year to shine. Something with in me screams it, wants it and needs it.

Live how you want to

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