Monday, January 24, 2011

This one's for you!

My Birthday Shirt
Rotations = 27

It is amazing to me how you can be at the bottom of the well for so long and all that was needed to get out was to yell for help. I am turning 27 this coming Wednesday, and growing up I always thought that I would have to have it all together by now or at least by 30. Wrong! I spent to many years not doing what I want and living up to others expectations. Either it be from past boyfriends, poorly influenced by them, or by the people that I was around who didn't support me or push me. I am now finally admitting to myself that I love who I am, crazy and sometimes unpredictable but still very lovable. When I moved to Atlanta five years ago I never thought I would love it as much as I do now. I had no real friends, I moved completely to get away from my past. Running away I guess. I seem to have run away a lot. I did miss the friends I had in Florida and hated that I ran from them, but I had to move on and I wasn't mature enough to tell them what they meant to me or that I needed help and support.
So I went to school, graduated, moved to the city and in between had a few boyfriends and met some great people. Then three years ago I was introduced to a woman that changed my life. My best friend and life coach of sorts. She saw my potential and pushed me in all the ways a friend can push you. She introduced me to more great people and things took off from there. I have also have rekindled a friendship with a person I knew for years and added her and her husband to my amazing group, "Urban family", and now I have the most wonderful support and love I could have ask for in a group of friends. They all love me and care for me and I am so blessed to have them in my life.
Yes, this blog is sentimental and sappy. Maybe its because I am motivated to write or the fact that my birthday is Wednesday, but I just wanted to show how happy I am. This past weekend has been wonderful! Concert, Sushi, family, friends. I know I keep reiterating how happy I am but I just can't get over it.

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